Vokal Call Centres offer complete and high quality business support services to companies of all size over a wide range of industries.

Operating 24/7, we specialize in Customer Service, Client Relations, Sales Management & Technical Support.

Who We Are

Vokal is a 24/7 business model with our two main centres located in Toronto, Ontario and Moncton, New Brunswick.

We have experience and expertise in effectively managing Contact Centre Solutions. Our goal is to produce optimal results, meeting business objectives and align with any new business models to shape our future together in a partnership.

By empowering and developing our staff and management team, as well as giving back to our community, we motivated in providing our clients and customers with an exceptional customer service experience.

Our organization is one of many under an umbrella of well known companies such as First Media Group Inc., Frontier Networks and Accutel Conferencing Services and Collaboration Solutions.

Vokal has made and continues to make investments in our technologies, communications and facilities. We have successfully implemented a highly resilient ‘cloud’ voice and contact centre integration,  along with real time and transparent reporting for the Contact Centre management team.  These efficiencies, have allowed us to foster a highly cohesive work environment, where we can focus more on what really matters…. providing, you, our customers with a ‘best in class’ service.

At Vokal we recognize the importance of vendor sourcing preferences and are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are not only met but exceeded and maintained.  We are happy to have a best breed, vendor diverse network that focuses on cost savings and technology improvements.  When working with our migrations and improvements we make it a point to utilize the underlying support, technologies and services that you may offer.

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